Inbound – Answering Calls

Inbound connections are incoming calls

Here, the customers themselves call the company. The following are common inbound services:

Passive Telemarketing

For a friendly and competent call acceptance with a mix-mode call center. High availability by telephone is a decisive success factor. Over 80% of decision-makers use the telephone to request product and price information. We are a reliable partner who takes over complete campaigns or “call peaks” for you. You save time, money and personnel. Take advantage of the complementary benefits of the phone today and let us take your calls, including all fax and online services.

Hotline / Customer Service / Infoline

Offer your customers and interested parties your personal info line. This means that callers can obtain information of all kinds or have it faxed even after office hours. Of course it is also possible to be directly connected to an operator or to forward the call to external parties. For free, local or long-distance tariff, or for a minute fee.


Our Help Desk provides telephone support for most technical problems. Your users can call here if they have problems with the use, installation etc. of a device and need concrete support and expertise.

Accepting orders

We accept and record your orders. With an IT concept that has been coordinated with you, the orders can be processed immediately in your company.

Office Services

An interesting solution for all field service people, for whom an answering machine is not enough. The OpenCall CallCenter accepts calls on your behalf, provides information, sends documents and takes care of the “follow up”. Furthermore, we take over your complete correspondence, manage your data, create graphics or overhead slides.

Marketing Support

You have planned and carried out your marketing activities. The mailing is out, the spot or ad is placed. Your goal is clear: as many responses as possible. Now we are there for your customers who are looking for a dialogue with you. We inform, advise or accept orders. We are competent and reliable – for the benefit of your customers, products or services.

Teleshopping / DRTV

DRTV stands for “Direct Response TV”: The TV viewer sees an advertising program or commercial with a displayed telephone number and reacts to it directly with a call.


An overview of other services we offer can be found here: Our Services