Direct Marketing

Creating customer relations

Direct marketing is about addressing a customer individually and arousing his interest in a certain product or service. After the first contact, a targeted relationship is established with the customer in order to find out and collect information, data and interests. Thus a company can get a picture of its customers. This facilitates further marketing measures, since the customer can be addressed much more specifically and scattering losses are hence minimized. Products and services can also be much better adapted to the wishes of customers. The aim of direct marketing is therefore not necessarily to conclude sales quickly, but rather to retain customers over a longer period of time.

Direct Sales / Telemarketing

We use the telephone systematically in direct marketing: for customer acquisition, customer care and -relations, as well as for sales support and service purposes.

Order acceptance in the catalogue business

We accept and record your orders. With the help of an IT concept that is coordinated with you, the orders can be processed immediately in your company.

Market surveys / analyses

The market situation in your desired segment is evaluated through nationwide dealer and customer interviews. In this way, you can form an impression of wishes or existing problems and the consequent requirements.


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